Women’s Day Message 2020

women day message
As the number 20 gets repetitive in 2020, so we need to re-evaluate our perspectives in this new year with a novel approach. Like in 2020, 2 comes twice and so does 0, similarly, both genders are equally important. As always I am again clarifying that my definition of feminism does not degrade any of the genders but creates an extensive ocean of respect which can absorb all the differences and allowing a gentle handshake between the two genders.

Without one, other is incomplete so honour is something I ask for. Honour to give and bestow upon each other in a fastidiously meticulous world.

The message for the women is to utterly and deliberately believe in themselves always thinking themselves equivalent to men. But this concept does not allow disrespect of any of the genders. Nature has created a balance between both genders giving them different roles and responsibilities. So who are we to fight over petty issues. People are a target of daily chaos and the world is getting towards the disruptive technology, decreasing the human contact which was once very powerful. Text messages have taken the place of deep conversations on phone calls and quality meetings are relaced with discrete phone calls.

We need to improve our connections and fabricate the most beautiful relation of love and compassion between us. Call it my idealism or practicality, the actual purpose of my article is to educate the people reading it to ensure love and empathy in their relationships.

Women are not inferior to anybody and those who think so, are inferior themselves. As without women, the process of creation is incomplete. She gives birth to the offsprings and is eligible for great respect no matter what. Not only this, her feelings and emotions make her an admirable character among all the people.

Any kind of domestic abuse must not be tolerated at any cost. Raise a voice for your right now or never. It is your innate right to live peacefully. And anybody disturbing your peace is your culprit. Tolerance is a good thing but not at the cost of the person’s wellbeing and happiness. To stay happy is everybody’s right but within the limits of culture and civilization.

I request all my readers to appreciate the women around them as you never know who is sacrificing her life and going through some bad and rough patch silently. I at least appreciate all the survivors and fighters in the journey of life including myself and carry huge pride in my gender. As it was decided by my Creator and not the society to limit my talents or qualities.

So I am limitless with my love for all the living beings and believe in equality and equity for everyone. Self-worth is the true essence I believe in and encourage everybody to believe in herself regardless of the hard obstacles of life everybody faces every day.

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