Women’s Day Message 2019

Why a woman needs to dim the flashlights of her self-confidence in a fastidious world full of hypocrites? No that’s never been required since something powerful is always bold, glittering and intimidating… Leave the subtle aura that you have masked on your originality just in order to please the world-affirming other’s insecurities that you are just mild.

Why not stay the way you are?! rather than acting to the face of the world. Be yourself at least for your own self and brighten up your aura. Yes, the aura which catches every eye when you enter a room full of people… The aura which is engraved on the minds of admirers and friends…

 The aura which never fades away… which is as intense as the sun as intense as lightening as intense as fire… Because talent always shines!!! and every woman out there is talented, beautiful and captivating in her own way.

Just unleash the inner queen and learn to live the way I am teaching you to believe me every breath is going to be novel and fresh, cleaner and lighter than ever… LIVE the way you are not for people not for others but get up every morning, look in the mirror, smile at yourself, beam with the amazing self-confidence and wear the scent of faith. The world is made for YOU!!!

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