What is the Real Human Growth?

What is the Real Human Growth?

Every human mind starves for the availability of comfort and ease, not knowing that what is real human growth? With this phrase, I mean the growth of human qualities, capabilities, and potential. How can you grow it steadily or exponentially? The answer is not that simple to understand. However, desire for a luxurious and comfortable life people tend to feel obstinately lazy and carefree going with such circumstances. They make fewer efforts to improve themselves and prove their criteria of potential to the world.

Why you Need Motivation?

I believe Motivation is not an innate quality but is gathered through many outside sources in the form of compassionate friendship or empathetic companionship. As we all know, the power of Motivation and how it keeps you going in the hour of crisis. But the question is still there? What is the real human growth? So the actual human growth is when you are tested, challenged, and intrigued to prove yourself.

Explanation with Example:

For example, a wrestler may never know his real strength and power unless he challenges another competitor in the arena of the fight. Similarly, your analytical skills can only highlight when you devise any current strategy for your work in a tight timeline. The pressure is not that bad as it brings out the best in you according to some studies. That’s why President Barack Obama suggested that kids should be assigned a higher goal than their potential to prove themselves. Not only will it create flexibility and elasticity in their abilities but also train them to work hard.

Coming back to the authentic topic of discussion, one should not pray for ease but the continuous human development of mind and soul. Comfort brings stagnation, and stagnation means no growth. A gardener is not interested in the greenery of a plant, but its growth instead is the only point of his Motivation.

Why Facing Difficult Challenges is Mandatory?

When faced with difficult times in life, people emerge to be their more true selves as they learn the spirit to fight the battle of their survival. The survivor of the most devastating situation deserves the best applause ever because he stood for himself in hard times up and straight. Your faith helps you, your Motivation aids you, and your determination guides you, but the real growth can never be estimated in a lavish and relaxed lifestyle.

So whatever we envy is useless in the world of materialism where the real effort makers should be appreciated rather than somebody born with a silver spoon in mouth.

The tea bag never knows its hidden qualities of making a delicious tea unless it immerses itself into hot boiling water, and it knows the scorching heat touching its every pore. Similarly, facing challenges in the world and growing brave through various phases of life determines you to be a valuable person.

The Conclusive Perspective:

The conclusion is understandable and in front of you. However, I would like to add some golden tint that people who are survivors of cancer, tumors, and other diseases are no ordinary people. They are the real fighters, and all those parents who face the severe ups and downs of life to bring up their children are worthy of respect and honor. The world is much more than expensive jewelry and branded clothes. It is rather about the feeling we have for each other and listening to the stories of survivors. They are the true heroes as they carry the real strength we have been trying to know.

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