The Story of a Butterfly

the story of a butterfly

The story begins with a pretty butterfly that is not so arrogant about her beauty. She would fly frivolously here and there, hopping onto the lush green leaves, collecting the sweet nectar, and enjoying the little but precious moments of life. She was aware that her life was short, and she had just a little time, so she believed in relishing each moment of life as it might pass at any time.

The Daily Journey:

One day on this flower, the next day on the other, she remained free from the worry of commitments, though staying loyal to collecting nectar always fascinated her. Carrying the colors of unconditional love and a supreme dedication to her work would not shorten her little life span, but instead, it let her enjoy even more being productive all the time. She would fly over the meadows and streams into the gardens of beauty and bliss, yet she would never feel arrogant as she knew the tiny wings of her body could only help herself and were not made to fight against the whims of fate.

Going with the Flow:

So, she decided to go with the flow. Though delicate and sensitive, she left a message to the world to keep the hopes high even in the hour of crisis and storms and keep working diligently to improve one’s productivity immensely and powerfully. She dares not claim to be elegantly peculiar as the real power resides in her heart to perform her duties well. No matter what weather or season, she works with the same fresh energy and delightful zest. Her presence would inspire the birds and flowers and urge them to admire her resilience and determination secret powers.

A Humble Attitude:

“The pride hath a fall, “as everybody knows, but the diligence has no fall, and especially work done with dignity and self-respect pays more reward than the sweet nectar. Though materialistic outsiders would always envy the butterfly for her beauty, the real garden would know her authentic self and her true strength. “She is never tired of her duties,” exclaimed the violet rose.

Model of Resilience:

Every morning, new zealous energy would fill the whole garden as they would witness the arrival of the queen of self-love. Those who know the real meaning of self-love understand that working for your existence is mandatory, and you cannot make excuses by ignoring the realities of life. Regardless of your size, your intentions must be highly reliable and sincere, and fruits will surely be sweeter than honey.

The Conclusive Notion:

A butterfly’s life inspires me as it has touched my soul deeply, and I hope it inspires every lady to believe in herself and keep working for her development with a solid aspiration to follow and with sparkling dreams to see. This way, she will transform herself into an invincible power.

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