The perspective is a true vision.

Splashing the water, my feet felt happier than ever while sitting beside that lake surrounded by hills and the whole environment blessed with charisma of moonlight, even the moon could delineate what envy was by catching my sight… 

Right then a childhood memory invades my mind… my first crush was a full moon when i happened to stand on my rooftop totally mesmerized by its beauty unafraid of the darkness around while the million of stars tickled my tiny heart at an age of just four… followed by another sweet memory of my grandmother memorizing me the verses for my safety from the Holy Quran. I remember how I was always undaunted by the night as my focus was not on the darkness but the enchant, the family of moon and stars brought on the face of the world. A chain of memories captures my attention when I witnessed lightening as a child and the intense light attracted my courageous heart while I was taught to hide in house and chant the verses to lessen the wrath of Almighty but my soul had a conviction in the merciful aspect of my Lord and His generous divine love. Why to be afraid of His manifestations we should be afraid of Him only!!! 

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