The Morning

A morning after a rainy night is always more refreshed than a usual monotonous morning as it gives me a feeling that whole earth has been washed and the atmosphere has been cleansed, the lush green leaves blooming with full luster, the delicate flowers fragrant with a sense of rainy bliss, the birds twittering convey a melodious song filled with gratitude and the sun gleams with joy of subtle affection towards its earth, what a calming effect of rain on the hearts of all living beings: insects, birds, animals, human beings find this morning alarmingly beautiful just through the heavenly sprinkle of rain…

When contamination of air exceeds when the dirt is excessive when the heat is intolerable all we need is rain!


The rain we need when hearts are polluted with hatred, jealousy, anger, and avarice. We need it in the form of tears to repent to wash and cleanse our souls in the Holy month of Ramadan, a month which has been long-awaited by the entire world to think about our souls, to nourish their needs, to enlighten their spark.

 Moreover, my soul demands a humble prayer, a request on my lips in front of my Almighty Lord… why cannot the whole world’s hatred be washed and replaced with love, compassion and ultimate humility along with empathy and integrity. Why cannot this become true… ???

Why cannot the war’s end and only peace prevail? Maybe for that accomplishment, each and every individual needs that rain to cleanse the heart and brighten the soul resulting in a realization that takes place: humanity and love require no religion but requires us to feel human from our hearts!

When a single step against injustice can prove to be efficient in inspiring many sewn mouths… Stand against whatever is wrong as it’s the highest form of faith and stay consistently strong and firm to let humanity win over the demons of brutality and social crimes.

 Here comes the implementation of bravery, the execution of the rule of staying courageous and achieving a society only human beings can fabricate with pure love and wisdom. A society we all dream for… and that will be the real MORNING!!!

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