The memory of a golden morning

A memory strikes the corridors of my mind, when a golden morning i was travelling to my university absorbed in my thoughts looking out of the car window where every leaf was shining like shimmer spread over it. The canal water flowed more than usual days neither clear nor muddy yet enough to reflect all those trees leaning onto it as if they were kissing the sparkling water in the presence of sun which was perfectly blessing the earth as a mere sign of a sky’s kindness. 

My entire life i have never found anything so motivational as a morning sunlight falling over my face warming up my heart every time a new start a new purpose a new aspiration. And to add to its charismatic beauty the birds twittering, the lilies fluttering, the air freshening up my captivated soul. Nature is close to an observer’s eye and reveal its mystery by enchanting its lover deeply and intensely. And i confess i will always be full of applause for the nature and its serene effect on my mind, heart and soul. 

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