A soulmate has been the most frequently fantasised word in modern world though it differs from ordinary partnerships in tremendous ways. Have you ever met a person who could see your real self beneath the core of your heart the real YOU…

 In the complexity of human psychology and emotions everybody requires an appreciating partner but a soulmate is much more than that. Its not about dependant attachment normally termed as affiliation or involvement rather it’s the essence of unconditional love that grows without bounds and explores the attributes of soul. Every time you look for a sign of soulmate you get confused by the theoretical explanations but practically soulmate is all about transformation either psychological, spiritual or emotional. It’s not as easy as interpreted in books. An unspoken understanding when you know how your soulmate feels in an instant moment. Recognising the inner self of a person takes time sometimes lifetime in reaching the deep folds of a personality which are uncovered slowly and gradually sometimes spontaneously and occasionally.

A soulmate might not stay forever or for a longer period of time but the impression it leaves on soul has to be remarkable. In this competitive world everybody struggles in his own way following his unique journey of life and a soulmate helps him find the real meaning of life. It might sound philosophical and idealistic but the one who encourages the endeavours of your life with a consistent loving support as well as guiding the path of your soul.
It’s a kind of reincarnation, a rebirth, a new direction, a new scope, a new life sometimes through pain and sometimes through bliss, strengthening the other soul to lead a better life in every possible way ever imagined.

Hence finding your soulmate is not about a discovery but a matter of the right timing to achieve a higher purpose beyond normal human perception.

Sometimes you fail to find your soulmate whole of your life and sometimes you are lucky enough to meet your soulmate teaching you important lessons so it all depends what comes your way. 
Although one thing is true for sure that a soulmate’s love neither changes with time nor age it’s like a garden blessed with the perfect weather for the flowers to bloom, butterflies to flutter and birds to sing in a harmonious way. 

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