Rain rain don’t go away…

After some scorching days of intense sunlight the kindness of my Creator became dominant over the sky in Lahore as it blessed the thirsty and dry earth with the gift of its love… the rain!!! Totally enthralling it rained today as if my heart was waiting for ages to enjoy the sight sitting in my balcony listening to some quality music, enjoying my cup of coffee while sensing the freshness all around… rain droplets danced as they kissed the feet of earth and the soothing sound of rain mixed with the fragrance of wet soil,  I could also witness the flashes of lightening followed by the sound of thunder when children hide themselves in their mother’s laps and birds find shelters delaying their flight to their homes… my faith took a large leap as I pondered the mercy of Allah filling my soul with blissful delight… nothing as relaxing as a rainy day in a wondrous way and gratitude invades through my heart brightening its inspirations.


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