Greenery Fascinates My Soul

By living in the company of my mother and grandmother I have been learning to love plants and understand their silent yet mysteriously beautiful language. Though gardening has been my ancestor’s favorite hobby I could never find time for it due to a busy schedule and tough student life.

But as life goes on I have been recently visiting nurseries with my mom and there my love for these green living beings caught inspiration till I found myself deeply immersed in their love and fondness.

Yes, now plants fascinate me as they are so cool and fresh also I can choose the plants of my choice to be planted at my home. The flowers appeal to every romantic soul exhibiting vibrant colors with conspicuously beautiful petals and hence attracting hummingbirds and butterflies to collect their sweet nectar.

How amazing are the rules of nature created by Our God? A life without plants is lacking sensitive feelings and empathy. I water them every evening as taking care of them gives pleasure to my soul especially when they beam with joy while absorbing water through their roots.

 Each and every new leaf adds to my hopes that life is a renewal of choices and availability of opportunities. Every new flower bud reminds me of the loving relationships among loved ones. Every dewdrop resting on leaves promises me transparency full of honesty and integrity. I am so blessed to own a sensitive heart that loves plants 🙂

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