Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence is something that always caught my attention and invaded through my mind as I define it as sensitivity towards one’s own emotions as well as the emotions of others around us like family members and friends or even the acquaintances. It is the opposite of spontaneous and impulsive behaviour which are signs of an emotionally immature person. Whereas an emotionally intelligent person is the one who cautiously analyse a certain situation and the linked personal or interpersonal emotions before acting in a sudden manner. Empathy is the real essence of emotional intelligence and is practiced in the presence of compassionate and sympathetic demeanour. One of the main signs is the trustworthiness and reliability your friends show towards you when caught in a difficult situation and also the mastering of your own feelings by understanding and truly accepting them since the denial of emotions lead to complexities in human psychology.  Therefore the success is directly propotional to emotional intelligence.

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