Diplomacy… A word often heard while describing human behaviours and international dealings… 

Diplomacy is truly an art to depict neutral attitude and avoid controversies and conflicts maintaining the dignity and self respect, the main purpose of which is to avoid prejudice and biased attitude and form a sensible approach in order to avoid fights and keep everyone united on the same wavelength.

How diplomacy is used these days might vary from person to person like changing your statements and point of views while interacting with different people or while interacting with the same person in different situations… Is that really diplomacy or perhaps characteristics of a chameleon? Adaptability is another quality not to be mixed here with this kind of diplomacy… 

Straightforwardness is cool as far as you do not hurt anybody’s feelings but the reverse of it actually sounds like a manipulative behaviour in spite of the honesty and transparency one needs to establish..staying firm and keeping your words is what the attitude of a true gentleman… Winner in your own eyes rather than a people pleaser. 

So diplomacy is a tact of dealing with people in the most sensitive way in order to avoid hurting others, not a tool to keep your own image shine with brilliance. It’s about conducting negotiations and maintaining good relations. But we should avoid manipulative behaviours and control freaks showing high self esteem but hollow from inside every time showing a new approach… The more awareness the better life becomes!!! Be diplomatic but with a good purpose knowing its real meanings first!!!

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