What does it take to rebuild your life now?

Abstract: Life is full of setbacks and upheavals, but the real courage comes when you have to restart your life, collect the broken fragments and rebuild your life. So the question arising in your mind is how to overcome the turmoil in your life with confidence. Not boasting, though, I, as an author of this …

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How to Earn From Freelancing?

In a world of materialism, money is a basic necessity to fulfill your needs of life. Now you can Make Money Online just by owning a laptop and speedy internet connection. Since life is fast-paced and requires multitasking from paying bills to parenting and working professionally for home-making, you need to earn money from home efficiently.  It …

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The Morning

A morning after a rainy night is always more refreshed than a usual monotonous morning as it gives me a feeling that whole earth has been washed and the atmosphere has been cleansed, the lush green leaves blooming with full luster, the delicate flowers fragrant with a sense of rainy bliss, the birds twittering convey …

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be you


At an early stage of my life I found deep interest in making paintings and I observed how much devoted attention and profound perfection were the requirements of each piece of my creation, therefore it opened a new door of wisdom making me wonder about the love of the One and Only real Creator of …

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Diplomacy… A word often heard while describing human behaviours and international dealings… Diplomacy is truly an art to depict neutral attitude and avoid controversies and conflicts maintaining the dignity and self respect, the main purpose of which is to avoid prejudice and biased attitude and form a sensible approach in order to avoid fights and keep …

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Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence is something that always caught my attention and invaded through my mind as I define it as sensitivity towards one’s own emotions as well as the emotions of others around us like family members and friends or even the acquaintances. It is the opposite of spontaneous and impulsive behaviour which are signs of …

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