Blogger Versus WordPress, Which Platform to Choose?

which platform to choose

Writing is about expressing your ideas, thoughts, and perspectives to your readers and audience and building a unique and meaningful connection with your readers through your words. You can now influence your readers or inspire them through your diverse approach and wise perspectives.

It is never late to start writing and create your blog where you have a good number of audience. All you need is a spark of your inspirations and some goodwill to write and express your ideas exclusively.

No matter you are new to blogging or have been a professional already, you require a clear comparison between the Blogger and WordPress sites, which platform to choose while blogging.

The Vivid Comparison of Blogger and WordPress:

Blogger is a simply featured service for publishing your content online for the target audience, whereas WordPress is more of a sophisticated and updated platform to build featured websites and contains content management quirks. Each has its pros and cons.

The Basic Understanding of Your Requirement:

The essential requirement is to understand what do you want? Whether you are just trying to share your views with others just for the sake of writing as a hobby or you want to publish on a more professional platform. Your choice helps you make the right decision about which site you should choose to work.

1. Why Choose Blogger Platform?

It is the simplest way on earth to start your free blog. All you need is a google account that links to your blogger profile. You can create amazing ideas and post them on the blogger platform. Furtherly, you can share your blog on different social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. It is another intelligent way to bring in traffic to your blog and let the people read what you just wrote.

While creating a blog, you can easily select any theme and layout of your choice and can even customize it further. A simple and user-friendly dashboard appears on the screen, which allows you to publish any post or create any pages or respond to comments (including comment moderation to control the content of comments on your blog). You can choose any available URL(with the extension of unless you pay for your own domain).

2. Why Choose WordPress Platform?

WordPress, on the other hand, is a professional and fully optimized CMS (Content Management System) as it helps you build any website. Just like Blogger, WordPress is also free, but it won’t let you host your site unless you choose a hosting plan and domain name. If you need an affordable WordPress host, then Bluehost comes on the recommendation list. Once you are done with it, you can access your admin dashboard, which allows you to write new posts and select a theme and layout for your website. Unless purchased, the extension of appears in the URL of your site. This dashboard includes the features of stats, plan, site, design, tools, and manage tabs. Before publishing our article or content, you can preview it to get a better picture of how it appears online. You can also add a page about “Your Feedback” or “Contact Us.” It is an excellent manner to collect knowledge about your audience’s views. The subscribing option is also available by Email in WordPress, just like Blogger.

The Pros and Cons of Blogger:

Pros of Blogger:

  • Quick and Simple
  • Easy Understanding of all features
  • No hosting plan required, so it is a 100% free option.
  • Options for personalization of blog.

Cons of Blogger:

  • Functionality is fundamental and does not entail advanced features.
  • The customization of your blog is very restricted.
  • Your content is being displayed on Google servers and is prone to copy.

The Pros and Cons of WordPress:

Pros of WordPress:

  • The initial procedure of setting up a blog is not that difficult.
  • Any good hosting plan can take care of your setup.
  • The options of customization are in a thousand numbers.
  • For more advanced users, the addition of code is made more accessible.

Cons of WordPress:

  • It requires a small to a reasonable monetary investment.
  • The security and stability of your site remain established.

Which platform to choose between Blogger and WordPress?

Depending on the kind of users and their requirements and scope, both work exclusively and fantastically. If you do not desire to invest a single penny and start it free of cost, then Blogger must be your choice while blogging. In case of a supported plan and some monetary investment, you can opt for the other choice that is WordPress. A detailed and meticulous website integration takes place only through WordPress. If you can work on a restricted platform, the Blogger is on the recommendation list. Otherwise, you can select WordPress. For a proper and comprehensive approach of entering the blogging market, you must consider WordPress since it is a more professional and diverse platform allowing you multiple features and insights. So, now you can decide which platform to choose while blogging?

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