be you
At an early stage of my life I found deep interest in making paintings and I observed how much devoted attention and profound perfection were the requirements of each piece of my creation, therefore it opened a new door of wisdom making me wonder about the love of the One and Only real Creator of this universe for me… and yes I could feel the light of Divine love flooding towards my thirsty soul! How immensely a Creator adores his creation is beyond the expression of words… boundless, immeasurable, infinite and definitely unconditional love.

This helped me understand that every single person on this earth was created with tint of uniqueness, talent, qualities of prudence and extraordinary. Then how can we decide who is better and who is not… who wins and who fails… yes we cannot deliberately announce such kind of discrimination among humanbeings when the process of birth is same for everyone… the opportunities to live and prosper should be same too.

So keep believing in your own stardom you are the king/queen of your life and there is nobody else like you in the whole world…recognise your worth through self belief… be you just be yourself !!!

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