Rabeeya Hashmi

A philanthropic and inspirational author who loves to create the sensation of enthusiasm in your life to meet the upcoming challenges


What’s Art? Art is to find patience in the times of turmoil, Art is to find beauty in the world of ugliness, Art is to find courage in the hour of fear, Art is the creation of every positive emotion from within your inner self and blooms it till it speaks of its essence…  Art …

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What is Love?

Sometimes in order to understand an abstract concept we try to understand it’s converse and hence we get to know its real meaning instantly… so if we know the meaning of greed, avarice, revenge, lust, hatred, indifference and disloyalty… if we know deeply the roots of all above mentioned negative emotions only then we can …

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loved ones

Virtuous Heart

Though I agree with the total idea of optimism, whatever you feed your mind with, you become that kind of person. But it’s not all about that. Listening to Islamic lectures might motivate us to do virtues and change our lifestyle towards simplicity, humility, and kindness. Only pretending to listen to such speeches are of …

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A Better Tomorrow

Education leads to the enlightenment of the human mind and a well-lit mind can illuminate the whole society. Pens and pencils in the hands of our children can prove to be more influential than the ongoing wars between competing super-powers all over the globe. Refinement of intellect happens with continuous growth and development of human …

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The Morning

A morning after a rainy night is always more refreshed than a usual monotonous morning as it gives me a feeling that whole earth has been washed and the atmosphere has been cleansed, the lush green leaves blooming with full luster, the delicate flowers fragrant with a sense of rainy bliss, the birds twittering convey …

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Bravery… a quality commonly used for battlefield… but what to say when we realize that this world is a battlefield too! Bravery is initiated from inspiration like every other innate quality needs a spark to be ignited into something indispensable. Being a warrior is not about being a rude and argumentative person rather an individual …

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