Rabeeya Hashmi

A philanthropic and inspirational author who loves to create the sensation of enthusiasm in your life to meet the upcoming challenges

Few tips and activities for kids during the lockdown

Where the lockdown is a time for introspection for the adults it is a great opportunity for kids to grow their mental capabilities. It is a time when we are restricted and limited to our homes. Some outgoing and sporty children might find it monotonous and boring whereas others may find it quite a cultivating …

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Does a Woman’s career End after Marriage?

A woman is a source of inspiration in reality as a woman’s brain works for an outstanding level of multi-tasking. Varying from the pleasures of beautiful and romantic marriage to the bliss of tiresome yet energizing parenthood, a woman adopts many specific roles. Career is so essential for every woman apart from her family responsibilities …

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The Fear of Covid-19 and the New Approach

In times of sudden turmoil and disruption and endless wait for things to regain balance in life, we all feel frustrated and anxious about our future. CoVid19 has opened a new door of dangerous doubts and possible susceptibility to this fatal disease. All of you, just like me are restricted to your homes… feeling helpless …

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The Meaning of Being a Pakistani

Based on the sacrifices of our ancestors, this country Pakistan is precious and auspicious. Have you ever paid attention to it’s name… Pakistan, a place where clean people live. Cleanliness of not only homes, streets, country but also cleansing of hearts from prejudice approach, negative thoughts, evil intentions, and discriminating attitudes.  Why don’t we all …

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Enhancing Self Confidence

Confidence is not only the basic personal and professional quality but also a mandatory skill continuously practiced in order to succeed in life. From daily life to professional field, confidence is required everywhere though it’s root lies in the principle of achieving an ultimate level of self-worth and self reliability which not only results in …

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Women’s Day Message 2019

Why a woman needs to dim the flashlights of her self-confidence in a fastidious world full of hypocrites? No that’s never been required since something powerful is always bold, glittering and intimidating… Leave the subtle aura that you have masked on your originality just in order to please the world-affirming other’s insecurities that you are …

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