Rabeeya Hashmi

Through this website, you can find various topics to read and improve your skills and awareness regarding empowerment, motivation, and technology. The author has been holding a ferocious passion for writing since her childhood, and through keen observation, she has been able to perceive many issues and their solutions, which enlighten you here. Whether you are going through a disruptive pandemic or some emotional breakup, you need to lift yourself, and the content written here proves to be quite helpful in this regard. Rabeeya Hashmi has lived a life full of resilience and determination and is willing to help all humanity with the beautiful emotion of compassion. She further hopes that she brings harmony and peace into a world full of chaos and fills readers’ minds with sparkly inspiration through her writing skills. Every time you read her content, you can feel connected to her thoughts about hope and positivism. She will take you from the dark alley of hopelessness to a new meadow full of gleaming and shimmering light, which allows your mind to breathe fresh air and think with clarity. The author is also a qualified engineer and an adept professional in the technology field, so some tech-savvy articles and advice are also there.  Moreover, for the subtle taste of poetic rhymes, you will relish some new poetry. Hence, overall this brand offers you a complete package of treasured insight.